DOST-MIMAROPA Processes & Services


The Department of Science and Technology’s Grants-In-Aid (GIA) program aims to harness the country’s scientific and technological capabilities to spur and to attain a sustainable economic growth and development. The GIA program provides grants for implementation of programs/projects identified in the current DOST priorities and thrusts and supports S&T activities classified in the General Appropriations Act (GAA). Read more on how to avail GIA Program.

Consultancy for Agricultural and Manufacturing Productivity Improvement (CAMPI) Program

The Consultancy for Agricultural and Manufacturing Productivity Improvement (CAMPI) Program provides consultancy services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to attain higher productivity through the identification of productivity improvement concerns in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors throughout the country. CAMPI is a level-up strategy that provides focused S&T consultancy intervention/s to SMEs. Read more on how to avail CAMPI Program.


Cleaner Production can save money for your company. It is the application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes, products, and services to increase efficiency and reduce risks to humans and environment (UNEP).Cleaner Production focuses on source reduction and recycling. To reduce wastes, the company can increase product life, change input materials, modify equipment, layout or piping, improve their production process, change equipment to more efficient one, and optimize operating conditions. The company may even look into their operating and management practices for improvements. Read more on how to avail CPT.


CAPE aims to institute effective management strategies to improve agricultural productivity in farms. It provides assistance to farm owners who are engaged in Aquaculture (prawn, milkfish, mudcrab, tilapia, etc.), Horticulture (vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, plantation crops, etc.), Livestock production, and Poultry production. Read more on how to avail CAPE.


MPEX assists small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector to attain higher productivity. Field teamscomposed of individual engineers and productivity experts to undertake productivity consultancy services in various firms throughout the country. Read more on how to avail MPEX.


Food Safety has been one of the flagship programs of DOST-MIMAROPA. This program aims to provide technical assistance to the SMEs in the region. Realizing the expanse of this task, DOST strategized to augment its manpower by developing Food Safety Team (FST) from the different provinces of the region. Know more about Food Safety.


The DOST-MIMAROPA energy Audit Team is tasked to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency practices in the region. The DOST-MIMAROPA has acquired a number of equipment for use by the team in the conduct of audits. Know more about Energy Audit.

Technology Trainings

DOST-MIMAROPA gives high priority in the conduct of technology trainings, seminars and similar activities. This is primarily in recognition of the catalytic role of technology training in technology transfer and commercialization. Know more about Technology Trainings.

Management Information Sytems Services (MIS)

MIS Unit provides technical support services in the planning, operation and monitoring of the regional office’s programs and projects; and ensures the establishment and maintenance of its management information systems and system networks from regional office to provincial S&T centers. Know more about MIS.

For more information & other services, kindly visit our official DOST-MIMAROPA website.

DOST Trainings & Seminar

MSMEs' PhilGEPS Registration Assistance

The PhilGEPS is the single, centralized electronic portal that serves as the primary and definitive source of information on government procurement. Know more about PhilGEPS.

MSMEs' FDA Application/Registration Assistance

The Food and Drug Administration is mandated to ensure the safety, efficacy or quality of health products which include food, drugs, cosmetics, devices, biologicals, vaccines, in-vitro diagnostic reagents, radiation-emitting devices or equipment, and household/urban hazardous substances, including pesticides and toys, or consumer products that may have an effect on health which require regulations as determined by the FDA. Read more about FDA.

DOST-MIMAROPA MSMEs Trainings, Certification & Awards

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