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Why visit MIMAROPA?

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation, MIMAROPA attracts a disproportionate amount of visitors to the nation as a whole. The region is home to Puerto Galera's stunning sunsets and thriving party scene as well as Palawan's tranquil tropical beauty. The famed Moriones festival is celebrated every year in Marinduque, the nation's Lenten capital, drawing throngs of tourists seeking a full taste of history and religion. Divers from all around the world visit Occidental Mindoro's Apo Reef to explore its underwater treasures. Climbers will enjoy exploring Mt. Guiting- Guiting in Romblon's difficult terrain and the undiscovered and untouched beaches of the region.

The region has one of the strongest economies in the nation because it is largely dependent on agriculture, fishing, and ecotourism. Among the top exportable goods from the Philippines are rice, bananas, coconuts, mangoes, cashews, papayas, and cassava, all of which are produced in MIMAROPA. - National Nutrition Council.